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“Dancing is the poetry of the feet” – John Dryden

Dr. Alessio Tesi

Dr. Alessio Tesi

Alessio Tesi was born in Rome, but for work reasons, the family decides to move to Perugia, where he grows up and pursues his studies.
After graduating from the G. Bruno chemical-biological institute, coexistence with the disease that has always afflicted his father and his great passion, athletics, prompted him to undertake a course of study relating to rehabilitation.
He successfully enters the degree course in Podiatry at the University of Medicine and Surgery of Perugia, but the last of the three years of study is spent in Spain at the Miguel Hernandez University of Alicante.
Graduated, he moved back to the capital where he joined the team of the Clinical Podiatry Centre led by the great masters Marcello Frati and Alessandro Carbocci: they will be the starting point of his career.
Thanks to them he learns and experiments new working techniques with the latest generation equipment, specializing in nail rehabilitation.
He decides to attend an in-depth course on the production of orthotic insoles in Bergueda (Barcelona) held by the Spanish luminary Evaristo Rodriguez Valverde, but he is at the world congress “Roma foot 2010″, after meeting with the famous American podiatrist Kevin Kirby, that the interest in the study of foot biomechanics was born in him.
So he resumed his studies by enrolling in the 1st level master in biomechanics applied to podiatry orthotic therapy at the University of Medicine and Surgery of Florence, obtaining the title.
In 2019, out of strong interest, he decides to enrol in Fabio Moro’s Master in Posturology at the Federico II University of Naples.
Since 2010 he has been leading the Clinical Podiatry Centre with great success.

Dr.ssa Ilaria Tota

Ilaria Tota was born in Rome and, after having attended classical studies at the Liceo Ginnasio Statale “L. Manara” in Rome, driven by an interest in people’s health starting from its “foundations”, graduated from the Podiatry faculty of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, headquarters of the Sant’Andrea Hospital.
In 2016 she joins our staff where she finds the same affinities, both ethical and moral, in the approach to the patient and where she addresses the various problems, dissecting them, to try to understand the cause that generated them.
For the same reason, interested in the research of the real dysfunctional attractor of the whole organism, she enrolled in the Master of “Integrated Clinical Posturology and Osteopathy”, earning a degree at the University of Rome Tor Vergata “, in 2018. This approach, causal and not symptomatic, it emphasizes her interest in osteopathy.
Ilaria, also a lover of art, dance and physical activity in general, thus embraces the osteopathic philosophy in which, through the elimination of obstacles between the various communication paths of the body, the organism itself regulates itself and finds its own balance and own well-being.

Dr.ssa Ilaria Tota
Alessandra Colabianchi

Alessandra Colabianchi

Alessandra Colabianchi after graduating from high school spends a few years in the advertising sector of publishing and later in a commercial studio.
She joins our staff in 2016.
By contacting our Centre, she always responds with courtesy and discretion, trying to accommodate all requests and taking care to find a place of hospitality, where the health of the feet and the well-being of the patient will always be at home.

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