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Our silicone orthotics

Arthroplasty is the branch of podiatry that aims to design and manufacture anatomical and custom-made, hand-crafted orthotic appliances.

These orthotics are made of silicone and can be applied for different purposes.


The primary purpose of all silicones is protection: by reducing digital paramorphism and attempting to rebalance forces and pressures, remission of pain and reduction of inflammatory manifestation are achieved, resulting ultimately in improved podiatric function. In addition to protecting the skin tissue, orthotics also preserve the joints as much as possible.

This type of silicone orthotics can be produced for any type of patient.


Corrective silicone orthotics are the most effective alternative to surgery if surgery is not possible or if the patient does not want to undergo surgery.
Therefore, they are not applicable to all people; the podiatrist, after analyzing the movements of the skeletal segments and joints, will evaluate all feasible solutions, showing the advantages that may be gained even before the production of the medical device.


Offloading silicone orthotics are effective in cases where it proves necessary to offload an overloaded area or an area subject to stress, and/or friction from footwear. Offloading orthotics also have an indirect, minor corrective function in that they limit biomechanical dysmorphism.

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