Safety and hygiene

Sanitized environment

Safety and hygiene: the first step in the treatment process.

Each patient is followed with care and attention to detail; we strive to always make them feel at home in a professional, yet familiar, environment.

All our efforts are oriented toward the patient, their needs and requirements.

This translates into qualified assistance, high-performance standards, and great attention in terms of safety and hygiene, which we know is the very first step of the treatment process.


Sterilized medical instruments

Guaranteed hygiene and safety

Our medical instruments are free of any microorganisms. This is achieved through a specific protocol that must be followed thoroughly, and in which none of the following is overlooked:

– Material decontamination
– Cleaning (washing, rinsing, drying)
– Selection and verification of the materials
– Packaging
– Autoclave sterilization

We strive to put our patients first and, therefore, perform each step with meticulous care and precision.