Safety and hygiene

Sanitized environment

Safety and hygiene: the first step towards the care process.

We follow each patient in an accurate and detailed way, trying to make him feel always welcome in a professional but familiar environment.

Our every effort is oriented towards the patient, his needs and requirements.

This translates into qualified assistance, high standards of performance and maximum attention in terms of safety and hygiene, which we know well to be the first step towards the care process.


Sterile instruments

Guaranteed hygiene and safety

When we talk about sterile instruments we refer to instruments without any microorganisms, a result that is obtained through a series of procedures to be followed scrupulously, without neglecting any:

– Decontamination of the material
– Cleaning (washing, rinsing, drying)
– Selection and verification of the material
– Packaging
– Autoclave sterilization

We work by putting our patients at the centre and, for this reason, we carry out every single step with meticulousness and precision.