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CPC in Rome: what is a podiatrist and what do they do?

A podiatrist is a professional with a degree in podiatry, which is listed in the rehabilitation degree class.

They deal with the treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of painful foot conditions in pediatric, adult and advanced age.
They can be employed or freelance with full autonomy, using non-invasive instruments and methods of massage therapy, digital orthotics and plantar therapy for the treatment of foot pain.

"The podiatrist directly treats, in compliance with current regulations, after objective examination of the foot, with non-invasive, orthotic and hydrotherapeutic methods, calluses, thickened, distorted and ingrown nails, as well as sore feet."

"The podiatrist, upon medical prescription, prevents and performs the treatment of ulceration of warts of the foot and assists in any case, including for health education purposes, individuals who are carriers of diseases."

"The podiatrist identifies and reports suspected pathological conditions to the physician that require further diagnostic investigation or therapeutic intervention."

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