Plantar warts

Plantar warts: what they are, causes and symptoms

Warts are viral infections that appear as fleshy, hard protrusions, benign in nature.
They are caused by the action of a virus and occur on both skin and mucous membranes.
Warts belong to the virus family (HPV human papilloma virus).
The virus penetrates the epidermis and infects it, leading to an excessive rate of replication.

Infection occurs through surface contact usually in heavily frequented places such as showers, gyms and swimming pools, where a hot and humid environment favors the survival of the virus in its active form.

They can be found on the foot (mainly at the plantar level) where as a result of the continuous compression they are subjected to, tend to develop in depth.
They appear as a calloused, slightly raised area and are painful to different degrees upon pressure.
We can find a single wart or several smaller ones grouped together to form a kind of mosaic.

Plantar warts: prevention and treatment

The need for podiatric treatment is mainly due to the pain, the danger of infecting others, and especially to the fact that they lead to poor foot position and thus possibly poor walking, which affects the overlying skeletal axis.

Podiatric treatment is carried out through the application of fuming nitric acid, which promotes the destruction of the virus and the restoration of healthy skin.

Plantar warts are a very contagious phenomenon, so it is important to take precautions in order to avoid being infected (or infecting others).
Wearing flip-flops in common spaces, avoiding shared towels, and keeping feet dry and clean as much as possible is helpful.

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