Our history

Taking care of your feet for over forty years

C.P.C. - Centro di Podologia Clinica - was born in 1981 as a result of the work and enthusiasm of its two founding members, Davide Federici and Marcello Frati.
Both graduated from the Scuola di Roma, they studied in the field of podiatry and traveled abroad on a frequent basis, especially to Spain and France, which represented the state of the art.

They gained valuable experience at the "Center Terapeuit Podologic" in Barcelona, one of the most important podiatry centers in Europe at that time, directed by Evaristo Rodriguez Valverde.


In 1984, Alessandro Carbocci, who also worked in many French and Spanish clinics, joined the company and gave the clinic the opportunity to expand with a laboratory for the manufacturing of custom-made orthotic insoles: the fusion of podiatric knowledge with emerging orthotic techniques made the CPC competitive and cutting-edge, so much so that it contributed to the improvement of the technical-scientific range of services in the field and to the spread of new orthopedic techniques, such as the use of the turbine and Possou machine, throughout Italy, especially in the podiatry centers of Veneto, Lombardy, Tuscany, Umbria, Puglia and Sicily.


In 2007 Alessio Tesi, a graduate in podiatry from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Perugia with various training experiences abroad - including a year of study at the Spanish School of Podiatry in Alicante (Universidad Miguel Hernandez) - joined the company. He participated in Bergueda's seminar - Orthopodology - and in numerous congresses, such as the important meeting "Roma Foot 2010," where he met the prominent podiatrist, Kevin Kirby.
Ever since then, the new insights on the treatment of diabetic foot brought by Alessio Tesi have merged with the decades of experience of colleagues for the benefit of the community.


The clinic expands and moves from Via Andrea Doria to Piazzale Clodio, where it is currently located. The premises and medical equipment were renovated and the services were enhanced with the introduction of home podiatry consultations. The commitment to this field kept growing relentlessly: the entire team is oriented to constantly improvingwith the goal of helping more and more patients, or rather, people.


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