Ingrown toenail: onychocryptosis

Onychocryptosis: what is, causes and symptoms

Onychocryptosis is a disease that afflicts a large part of the population and is a condition that occurs when a spur, a nail fragment, a notched portion of the nail penetrates the subcutaneous tissue causing pain, redness and infection.
This is a problem that is usually found at the level of the big toe.

The ingrown toenail is often anticipated by perionysis which is nothing more than the irritative state of the periungual tissues.

Among the most common causes are certainly the incorrect cut of the nail, but also hyper-pressure of the shoe in the front, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and incorrect walking.

Onychocryptosis: prevention and treatment

The podiatry treatment is a conservative treatment that, with the aid of appropriate instrumentation, removes the nail portion that offends the tissue and thus promotes the integrity of the nail itself as well as that of the tissue.

To prevent onychocryptosis, it is certainly essential to cut the nails correctly, avoiding that they are too short and trying not to cut the nails in a curved way, wearing comfortable and not too tight footwear, maintaining proper personal hygiene and preferring socks in natural and breathable fabrics.

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