onychocryptosis onychocryptosis

Ingrown toenail: what it is, causes and symptoms

Ingrown toenail (onychocryptosis) is a condition that affects a large proportion of the population and occurs when a nail fragment, or bone spur, penetrates the subcutaneous tissue causing pain, redness and infection.
This is typically an issue that occurs in the big toe.

An ingrown toenail is often preceded by nail fold paronychia, which is the irritative state of the periungual tissues.

Among the most common causes are certainly the incorrect cutting of the nail, but also hyper-pressure of the shoe in the front, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and incorrect walking.

Ingrown toenail: prevention and treatment

Podiatric treatment is a conservative treatment that, with the help of appropriate medical instruments, is designed to remove the portion of the nail that is in the tissue and thus promotes nail and tissue integrity.

In order to prevent this condition, it is certainly essential to cut the nails correctly: it is important to avoid them being too short and to try not to cut the nails in a curved manner; to wear comfortable footwear that is not too tight; to maintain proper personal hygiene; and to opt for socks made of natural, breathable fabrics.

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