Custom orthotics

Biomechanical Orthotics

CPC in Rome: custom orthotics and 3D technique

Our orthotics are unique due to the materials used and the production processes adopted that allow for maximum customization of the product.

We specialize in biomechanical orthotic insoles that allow for precise and accurate custom-made devices, starting with the examination and then moving on to fabrication through 3D printing technique, with rapid prototyping by means of laser scanning and additive printing: this has allowed us to have significant improvement in terms of reproducibility, product quality and cost reduction.

Plantar orthotics are custom-made medical devices that are absolutely critical to correct and/or compensate for foot dysfunction, but also to prevent problems related to systemic diseases such as diabetes mellitus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Our virtuous circle in a nutshell: daily practice is supported by solid theoretical, technical and scientific foundations; we constantly keep an eye out for new theories of orthotics to meet the specific needs of patients

How we work

In-house laboratory for the highest quality standards

We have our own in-house laboratory for the manufacturing of orthotics, which gives us maximum control over the production process so that the highest quality standards are met.

Each step in the manufacturing process for orthotics is aimed at creating a specific, customized product that can address the patient’s needs in a targeted manner.

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