Correction of the nail plate

Ortonixia: what it is and when it is useful

Orthonixia, from the Greek –orthós (correct) and –onyx (nail), indicates a series of conservative treatments of purely podiatric competence aimed at correcting the shape of the altered nail plate.

Often the deformation of the lamina causes a change in pressure at the level of the peri and sub-laminar structures, which initially tend to become inflamed (also visible to the naked eye as an area of ​​peri-nail redness) and then, over time, lead to real alterations, sources of painful symptoms, such as lacerations, which can ultimately create the best conditions for bacteria to settle, giving rise to infections.

Correction occurs through the use of titanium wire above the nail plate maintained by a particular resin also used in the dental field.

The main feature of the titanium wire is its elastic memory and it is thanks to this that the foil tends to restore its correct curvature.
The application takes place in the absence of inflammation of the surrounding tissues, always after podiatry evaluation.

Orthonixia is particularly recommended both in subjects predisposed to onychocryptosis (ingrown nail) or to onychophosis (accumulation of calluses under the nails or in the nail plate), and for painful processes caused by alterations of the lamina.
You can intervene with this treatment on subjects of any age.
It is not invasive, it is painless and brings an immediate benefit to the patient, immediately after application.
Other advantages of this technique are: a negligible footprint and visibility and it is adaptable to any foil.

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