Biomechanical podiatry visit

Specialist assessment

CPC specialist assessment in Rome: biomechanical assessment

The biomechanical podiatry visit is a specialist evaluation, extremely accurate and detailed, which integrates the podiatry visit by applying the principles of mechanics and physics to the foot, to identify deformities or dysfunctions responsible for incorrect foot support, incorrect walking or any pathologies.
Through this visit, it is then possible to go and identify, if necessary, the best orthotic or rehabilitative treatment or report situations that need a subsequent medical examination or instrumental examination.

The visit always begins with theanamnesis, the collection of all the clinical information of the patient, and then the podiatrist proceeds to the local physical examination of the unloaded foot (in the supine position, i.e. in a horizontal position of the body, lying on a bed) and ‘biomechanical podalic examination, in static and dynamic orthostatic (in an upright position, respectively, still and in motion).

It is therefore a very precise visit that carries out an overall evaluation of the foot from any point of view.
This allows you to then go on to create customized biomechanical orthoses, designed and studied specifically for the individual and specific patient.

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